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Connecticut’s multitalented, Lavi$h.PNG also known as Ca$h Cobain has made it very clear that he’s fixated on ultimate stardom and he seems to get closer with each release. With a montage of new hit singles under the Ca$h Cobain alias, the star-in-the-making has proved his knack for writing hooks that float with a natural charisma. On this latest track, “You Think You Know Me”, he creates an intoxicating brew of his bare emotions. Playing on his original producer-tag which is a sample originated from ‘Metalingus’ by Alter Bridge which is most commonly known for it’s debut in the early 2000’s for WWE’s Rated R Superstar, Edge, theme song, Lavi$h portrays one essential message and that is: you don’t KNOW him. The slightly sweetened melodies are wielded over a crisp production, but the lyrics stand in contrast to the single’s overall texture. This is what makes the track so unique. Listeners are able to detract emotion while the momentum of the friendly compositions provide an earwormy pleasure.


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