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From NYC to ATL, it’s no doubt that  Jo$en is a true embodiment of exuberance and talent, no matter the location. Buoyed by his artistic versatility, genuine spirit and undeniable chemistry with frequent collaborator, Vision4k, Jo$en is surely to secure himself a household name within the underground and of course, an eye or two from mainstream press. The pair’s latest body of work, ‘3D’ the EP has racked up thousands of streams less than two weeks since its release. The vitality of Josen’s playful rhymes are reverberated over tireless instrumentals often featuring tunefully spirited patterns as heard on tracks like, ‘Uber’ and ‘Ice’. The five-track project is surely a notable debut into the new year! Production-wise alone, it feels as if it’s a true representation of Josen’s person as an artist thus far. Overall, the party-like environment and infectious vocals construct a sonically pleasing experience for each and every listener.

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