Pe$o Boii releases the music video to ‘Baby Why?’ directed by @ImaniPina of @FreeXWrld and @SwevenProd. If you’ve payed close enough attention to Boston’s quickly-blossoming underground scene, you’ve probably heard of Dorchester trendsetter — Pe$o Boii. “But baby slow it down, I ain’t ready for a wife. So if I give you this chance then you gotta treat me right.” The track is carried out in a vocal deliverance that fuses the dulcet mood set by an R&B singer with the percussive wordplay and cadence of a rapper. The visual alone is of great aesthetic appeal as to be expected being directed by Imani Pina who’s proven to be a sorcerer behind the lens.

Pe$o’s latest singles, ‘Baby Why?’ and ‘Tell Me’ have tuned to a more nuanced frequency filled with melodic prowess and romantic innuendos. We always knew that Pe$o was capable of switching it up as heard on his debut body of work, ‘PABLITO’ and the follow-up, ‘Get Rich Or Die Shining’ EP, but now — I think it’s safe to say his artistic-versatility is fully intact.

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