The underground is now overcrowded with producers, all looking to make a name for themselves but often falling short of greatness because they fail to break out of their comfort zone and experiment. Chicago itself has become a hotbed of producers, from Young Chop to Brentrambo, all of whom have mastered an insane level of experimentation and solidified their positions as the best of the best. Uglyfriend definitely falls in that category. Also known as Bigcoleslaw, Uglyfriend has worked several A-list rappers, like, Smokepurpp, and Rich The Kid, all who will surely give him praise for his work and progress just as his loyal fans do. We reached out this week to get to know him a bit more.



How did you get into making music?

My best pal from high school got me into it. He always was interested in beats & shit, so he just made me want to do it.

What artists have influenced you the most?

Man there’s too many to list to be dead honest.

How did you and Brent (aka Noir Brent or Brentrambo) meet and become so close?

We met through I don’t really know to be honest, we just never separated as friends over any goofy shit. Real solid guy there.



What made you change your name to Bigcoleslaw?


Your sound has evolved so much over the past year. Is there a certain sound you are aiming for or is it simply experimentation?

I’m aiming for a sound that is solely mine that’s all so I do a lot of experimenting. Like even if I make ugly shit…I’d take originality and good execution over pleasing sound y’know. Im trying.

What artists do you want to work with that you haven’t already? 

Uh right now all i can think of right now is the Based God – Oh! and Gleesh and Uzi.



A lot of producers have popped up in there underground. What advice would you give to a producer just starting out?

Invest in yourself & really want to do this.

On a good day how many beats can you make?

Ion try to aim for quantity ever. I am for quality. I do like 1-3 a day

What do you do to get out of beat block?

Idk it’s a weird feeling I usually get. Like if I’m down or sum and I don’t feel like moping & being a couch potato, me trying to produce would most likely break beat block. Idk it’s weird.



What was the most memorable moment for you last year?


Do you have any dreams outside of music?

Fashion, videography, photography, becoming a successful investor, gaming, etc.

Anything else you want to tell our readers?

Y’all rock.

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