The 1017 Eskimos member Hoodrich Pablo Juan is back with another project titled “The Matrix” with french producer Brodinski at helm of production for the entire project. The streets have been waiting in anticipation for the two to collab on a piece of work since Pablo announced it last year. The project comes shortly after his last tape that had dropped at the top of January. The Matrix starts off with a self titled first track that features an odd sample that leads into a bass heavy electronic inspired instrumental that Pablo somehow finds a way to flow over, showing why he’s one of the best rappers out right and the most unique. The second track on the EP titled “Money” finds Pablo rapping about his love for money over the grimey, gritty beat made by Brodinski. Money leads into the third track titled “Graveyard Shift.” Brodinski provides a haunting yet mellow beat that allows Pablo to go in as he usually does, flowing over the beat with ease, as if it was meant for him. Personally my favorite cut from the EP, “I’m the One” showcases Pablo’s ability to make a hard hook on the spot and his incredible beat selection. The next track titled “International” shows Pablo’s clever wordplay as he rides the laidback beat by Brodinski that gives Pablo everything he needs to kill a track. “Thug Life” features rising rapper “Lil Dude.” The two have been collaborating often and show great chemistry when they’re on a track together, “Thug Life” is proof of that. The last track features a futuristic electornic beat that sounds like something out of a video game. The “Get Lit” beat is easily the best beat on the whole EP, and Pablo perfectly goes with the impressive instrumental provided by Brodinski. The beats on “The Matrix” are simply fantastic as each beat matches Pablo’s style and the EP doesn’t overstay it’s welcome, clocking in at only 23 minutes. The Matrix is by far Pablo’s best work to date, Brodinski and Pablo make for a great duo and I hope they give us more work in the future.

Stream the EP below:

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