It’s not easy to grab attention in the underground nowadays, despite the sort of exposure you may think artists get on Twitter with a simple retweet or share. To get where you want to go you have to consistently impress the few followers you have while at the same time exploiting the curiosity of those who are new to your music. Rockville, Maryland’s own Lil Xelly, a star in the making, is one of few artists to create a blueprint for success on their own, dropping big projects like his 100+ track mixtape “More Xelly”, which caught the attention of several underground vets, to releasing a song nearly every week. Most are hesitant to drop as much content because they fear they may annoy their followers, but for him it works. We caught up with Xelly to ask him a few questions.



Who is Lil Xelly?

Lil Xelly is a person who gone take his dream.

How did you get into making music? 

Music was always around me and I just always wanted to make my own music so I was writing at a young age.

Dropping a 100 track project in not easy whatsoever. Was there any doubt in your mind that you could pull it off? 

No doubt in my mind bro anything that I say imma do it, I already knew I had the music.


Do you ever get criticized for dropping so much music? 

Yea a lot of people told me to slow down but they wasn’t with me when I was dropping all those songs to get here.

Whats the longest you’ve spent in the studio recording? 

The longest I spent was like a day but the amount of songs I do is crazy if I can.

How does it feel knowing Mexikodro listens to your music? 

It just inspired me to go hard keep going crazy so more people notice or there friends.

Is there anyone behind the scenes helping with creative direction or do you do it all yourself? 

I bring ideas to the table because I’m not trine be like every other artist you gotta be creative and different.



Releasing music as consistently as you do may be harder under a major label. Does that steer you away from them and more towards being independent? 

Im really just dropping music to create a following. Once I have it I will relax on dropping all the time.

What was the most memorable moment for you last year? 

The most memorable moment is the amount of love I got when I dropped my 100+ song mixtape. It was the greatest feeling ever.

Anything else you want to tell our readers? 

Get ready.


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