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Hey guys !!! This is djebonymane your favorite dj coming to you with Fresh Fruits top 5 projects of February. There was a ton of heat to come out of the Black history love month so it was very hard to narrow it down but we had long discussions & high listening sessions this is what we came up with.


1. Hoodrich Pablo Juan & Brodinksi – The Matrix

Atlanta’s own Hoodrich Pablo Juan has been making music for some years now but recently has been catching fire from the hipster crowd with his latest installment of Designer Drugs which dropped in Oct 2017 with hard hitting singles “We Dont Luv Em” & “Zomboomafoo Remix”. This project showed he isn’t just you’re average hood rapper by hopping on very versatile hard hitting video game like production made by the French producer Brodinski. With tracks like “International” & “Get Lit” shows that sonically he is ready to change the way trap music is heard.


Angst – Loser 

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada Angst has been putting in a lot of work in the underground scene production wise over the past 2 yrs, but recently has came into his own rapping wise with his very unique rock n rollish vocals. The highly anticipated EP “Loser” sounds like nothing else out right now . Tracks like “HATE ME ” & “Mission” give me “Tony Hawk American Wasteland” soundtrack nostalgia . Grabbing Gin$eng & Gosuto for production definitely gave this project an edgy revengeful vibe. I would def play this while getting geeked up plotting on my next moves for success.


Lil 4 x Whyfye – 5am

Personally this is my favorite of the month, The Prettyboiclique  members put together the perfect piece of art for a nigga that’s feeling like fuck these hoes I’m trying to run it up. Lil 4 produced half this ep & I believe that’s why the vibes on this are so futuristic like the track “First time”. With Whyfye flexing lyrics & Lil 4’s shine they complimented each other perfectly on this. Saying this is Prettyboiclique’s year would not be an understatement and ohh yeah Lil 4 loves his hoes in 2s !! XoXo



Private Clubs very own Dwn2Earth shows that he is way more than just Madeintokyo’s producer with this self-titled Ep. Using R&B based production seems like it was made by a 2002 acid tripping artist with very witty lyrics on tracks like “Chill” & “Frosty”, but also has very heavenly chilled seductive vibes on tracks like “Stay Tho” & “Jodeci”. I highly doubt it’ll be long before this EP gets attention on a broader scale !


5. Lil Xelly & Cashcache – FuckYouXelly4

Since late last year the youthful DC native Lil Xelly  has been dropping project after project, track after track losing no steam and has come a long way in a matter of months. Recently dropping “Xellys World”, he is back with a EP fully produced by one of the hottest upcoming producers Cashcache & hosted by the one of the hottest dj’s in the underground djeibonymane. Xelly showed no remorse on this EP, proving anyone who has spoken on his off beat charismatic aggressive flow that he can also ride beats with the best of them. Tracks like “Slide” and “Dat Nigga” make you wanna rage out and rob anybody you have a problem with. His flow was insane on those. He also brought along Five Finger Posse’s Alvinxabyss and the undergrounds self-proclaimed low-fi legend Grimm Doza for two dope tracks. This EP will definitely be remembered in the underground scene.

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