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Bridgeport, Connecticut’s 2Fast4Satan is an artist who plays on a number of genres for inspiration, yet can not be compared or boxed in. The ‘Daily Wavy’ lieutenant taps into his street racer-esque aesthetic dropping off two new singles, both produced by none other than, LAVI$H.PNG. The common denominator amongst ‘ALPINA’ and ‘CONCEPTS’ [featuring Yung $piffy] is the sensation of his maximalist styled cadence. 2F4S maintains his persona artistically by playing off of bold gestures equipped with innuendos directly correlated to his ‘Fast’ lifestyle. The appeal of ‘ALPINA’ is anchored by the lyrically-aggressive bluntness as well as the equally tough production; he uses Lavi$h’s beat as a compositional tool rather than simply rapping over it. ‘CONCEPTS’ takes a slightly less intense approach, catering to a calmer ambience thanks to the wave-inflected bars from his fellow, Yung $piffy, albeit 2F4S’ vocals still power through Lavi$h’s production, again, showcasing his compositional skills.


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