Graphic design has taken the underground to new heights in recent years, more-so than in the past. The simple stroke of a pencil is now just as powerful and meaningful as lyrics or production. We’ve seen several top tier artist make a name for themselves, from Papikodone to Nipz, all whom find their pieces in notable blog posts and magazines and even shows. Often quiet and distant from other creatives, graphic artists live somewhat of a hermit lifestyle, but I guess the best are good at what they do because they spend less time in the public eye and more time in the studio. For them, its seems, boundaries don’t exist, and a blank canvas can project raw emotion and thoughts that are hard to express in other art forms. Artists like Kill prove this to be true, stepping outside of the box to deliver their art through different mediums, giving their careers longevity and staying true to their originality. We reached out to her to ask a few questions about what drives her career and what she has planned.


How did you get into art?

I had an older cousin who was really great at drawing. He would never allot me to use paper from his sketchbook so I think thats what encouraged me to get my own.

Did that have any influence on your choice of mediums? 

Yes. For the most part I wasn’t making any digital work I was mostly making pencil drawings and sketches. It wasn’t until high school that i started painting and it wasn’t until after high school that I started working digitally.

Where do you find inspiration and ideas?

A lot of it comes from music lyrics, lifestyle, and daily interactions/conversations with friends. Although, right now I’ve been really inspired street wear which is very new to me.

Most graphic artists are focused on supplying other artists with cover art. Do you think you will venture into that more or is streetwear and standalone pieces your main focus? 

Well I’m venturing into streetwear as it is another medium. I identify it with soft sculpture and thats where I’m really heading; prop designs and set designs.



So you want to move into film eventually?

Of course. Just want to communicate through my design language universally and create an original experience for the people that enjoy my work. Not only with film though, also stage design and installations.

What’s up with the little red monster?

Thats Baby Kill or Killian lmao. Theres a bunch of them, they’re demons. We all have demons that haunt us and I don’t think they should be kept in secret. I created the character in acknowledgement of that. I enjoy being transparent and I think others should too. I noticed in society and in my own relationships we frown down on whats deemed bad but I believe that there has to be a balance and acceptance of both happy and sad.

A lot of people stereotype it to being the devil because it’s red but I’m not religious at all so there’s no intentions of that. Just a character that represents trauma.



Do you expect Baby Kill to evolve into something different in the future? 

I don’t know. I didn’t think it would become the mascot that it is now when I first drew it but I think the concept of it might evolve as I continue to do also. Like adding on different details to the origin and such.

Your short films are becoming something your followers look forward to. Do you intend to make longer films?

Yes, I want to and I’m going to. I just need a bigger budget, a team and the demand. I’m capable of producing the shorter films with 0 resources besides myself right now so thats what I’ve been doing and its been opening doors for me and I think it will open up even more. I’ve been approached by people with connections to Adult Swim but they sort of wanted to use my style for their own ideas and I don’t like that. I’m working on something with my friends now its just going to take time and determination.

What’s next for you? What can we expect?

Shows, march, and a lot of raw gritty visuals/designs. Other that that you expect me to continue working hard and chasing my dreams.



Are there any artists that inspire the gritty side of your art? 

There was an art blog I used to go on everyday when I was in like middle school it was called Scritch n Scratch’. The line work was super rough and crazy silhouettes idk I loved it. It’s not up anymore but I think that still inspires me and also old cpu games like Icy Tower.

What advice would you give to an artist thats just now starting out? 

I’d pass down some advice that was given to me when I just started trying to find my ‘style’: Come up with a technique (something you want to try) and create five pieces using that technique. Complete five critiques and decide what you like and what you hate. Then come up with a new technique and repeat.

Anything else you want to let our readers know?

If you support and enjoy my work, thank you.


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