The Republic Records signee D Savage is back with two highly anticipated singles “Lately” and “What You Want” featuring production from Digital Nas and Yung Lan

Lately starts off with D Savage’s adlibs over the soothing melody provided by Digital along with his iconic, signature beat tag indicating that the track is gonna be a hit. D Savage lays over a insanely catchy hook that’ll keep you replaying the track over and over again for weeks to come. The next track “What You Want” has splendid production from Yung Lan that goes great with D Savage’s sound. Everything from the hook, the verses and the bridge on this track is immaculate, showing Savage’s incredible ear for music and structure in his songs. D Savage even mixed the song himself which is pretty impressive as you don’t see many rappers nowadays mixing or mastering their own music. After going ghost the past year, it seems that D Savage is finally ready to release his long-awaited debut project “D Phoenix” and if the project is anything like his recent releases, we’re in for one of the best tapes this year. Check out the two new tracks below:

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