Connecticut is bustling with everything rap at the moment, the birthplace and home to both hungry and talented artists all grasping for recognition and shine.

It would be dumb to not sit down with Lonny X, one of the city’s most prolific rappers who wields both originality and a world domination-like vision, unlike any before him. That raw power you would imagine to come from him is indeed translated through in his music, punch packing lyrics backed with heavy hitting bass and a unique selection of melodies and samples only his go-to producers could pull off. We reached out to Lonny for a few questions on his career so far and what he may have planned for the year.


Balancing the roles of running a label and also creating art often comes when artists are on the backside of their career. What is the story behind you starting Lazy Boy Records in the current music environment, and what would you like to see it go?


I made Lazy Boy Records when I was 14. I wanted to be official, I knew I had to start somewhere. I had members from the jump..and I started to realize nobody was on the same wave length. I took a step back to focus on myself. That was important, I had to make a platform to be able to utilize it. currently, the group consists of Bleek G, Jus Lovehall, Ksubi Kayy, Incepchun, and myself. We are working from the ground up right now. I want to be a huge innovator on how media is distributed and also make THE best music. We are working towards it, right out of Connecticut


What are your thoughts on indie labels, and what challenges do you face when competing in an established major label system?

Indie labels are great..there’s more of a clear moral code. End of the day I want to be a boss, not a worker. Biggest problem that arises are things like money. Takes a lot of sacrifice to make shit really happen.

Indie labels make up about 35% of the industry now. How of you feel about that?

I feel like thats a statistic that tells a story of what’s to come. The internet has changed the way we consume and also distribute. It would make more sense for people to boss up and do it themselves.

Connecticut has been buzzing lately. How much has the scene there influenced your creative direction? 

It influences me more than ever now on a day to day basis..a lot of artist on their shit, a lot of room to progress. But creatively? A lil more than ever lately. My biggest goal is to create THE sound. Or to build to it in my own way. There’s not really a “Connecticut sound”

Is there any reason why you tweet in all caps? 

I just like how big letters look honestly lol. I ain’t no over excited ass nigga or nothing.

You’ve been your own graphic designer and videographer up to this point in your career, how difficult has that been for and does it slow down your creative process? 

Im not my own graphic designer or videographer but I do DIRECT everything creatively.

Full Court Press was a successful release. Whats next for you this year? 

Expect a video for Swervin, music with some of the best producers alive, merchandise, tours, and ANOTHER album

Whats next for you and Lazy Boy Records? 

Expect a new project from everyone this summer. We are focused to evolve more and more, give the people great products, and inspire the people that want to be inspire. Got a lot of plans..