2018 is shaping up to be a special year. With new artists popping up left and rght in the underground, there’s been plenty of new music to discover. One of the most fire new artists out now is Cholopunx. His soundcloud is filled with nothing but hits and he’s already morphing into a future superstar with the help of the renowned high-profile manager trapzillas. Cholo’s melodies are one of a kind, as he seamlessly makes beautiful hums and delivers powerful, ear-grabbing hooks so effortlessly. With help from some of the most talented producers in the underground including: Marcelo, Riclaflare, gin$eng and Shiro, whenever you hear a song from Cholo your guaranteed that it’ll be a hit. Cholo has been keeping it lowkey and working hard on new music, with a album on the way, titled “Mundo De Cholo.” It’s expected to have a big feature from a unannounced artist. With Cholo already building up connections, having a smart team behind him and quitely making big moves behind the scenes, he’ll be at the forefront of the underground in no time. Check out a few of his songs below:

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