Fans have been desperately waiting Weiland to release his teased tape “Grimey Youth” and today, we finally get to hear it.

Weiland is without a doubt, one of the most talented artists out, there’s just no one like him in the underground. From his unique, special sound that he’s been working on for a little over 2 years, to his keen ear for melodies and his amazing hook skills, he’s destined to be a star in the near future. On his latest project, he enlists Gin$eng, Hella Sketchy, RedDrum, Clibbo, XanGang and KapeThaGoat for the production and all of them kill it. With a crazy production list, Weiland is set to make a insane tape. With tracks like Alot, Affection and Week, it’s clear that Weiland is extremely verstile, being able to make a love song whenever he pleases, a hard, bass heavy track or a wavy, laid-back styled song.  Weiland can do it all and “Grimey Youth” proves it. Check out the latest piece of work the talented Florida artist has to offer below:

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