Whyfye has proven to be one of the hardest working and most consistent artists out, dropping off plenty of amazing tracks like “wakeup,” and “feeling up.” With how consistent Whyfye has been in the past year or so, it’s no surprise that he’s been making some noise in the underground scene as of late along with one of the most talented collectives out right now: Prettyboiclique. All of them been applying pressure this year, flooding the streets with new music nearly every week or two, with all of them being fire, especially Whyfye’s releases. His recent EP that he’s been working on “All The Sinners Crawl,” is amazing, from start to finish it’s a great piece of work and really shows his versatility as an artist. Whyfye can make a slow love song filled with his unique use of autotune like he does on “love” or go and make a crazy banger like “mad at me.” There’s really no flaws to point out on here, it’s just 17 minutes of beautiful melodies and great instrumentals from producers like fish, mikeblisscw, and Zen Beats. With the carefully picked production and the unique sound Whyfye brings to the table, this is easily one of the best projects to release this year and probably going to be the best project to release this week. Check out the phenomenal extended play below:

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