Over the years, Icytwat has inspired countless artists and producers in the undergrond with his special, futuristic sound that’s filled with odd, witty samples. Releasing countless phenomenal instrumental tapes and a some great projects like “Wet Twat,” and “Milk,” Icytwat finally releases his long-awaited EP “Dream Bwoy.” First off, the production on this EP is insane, with Twat coming with some hard, gritty beats like “Ain’t On Shit,” and “Enzo Music.” Those two are probably my favorite cuts from here, Twat’s flow on both of them is too fire, with Ain’t on Shit drawing clear inspiration from Three 6 Mafia and Enzo Music serving as a sequel of sorts to Z4 Music. The features on Dream Bwoy are just as crazy as the production, with the two Kyeoshin tracks being some of the standouts on here. Her vocals are beautiful and crisp, seamlessly matching the colorful instrumentals. Twat also enlists IndigoChildRick and Huey Briss, on the EP, and the two of them kill it, Huey with his cool, laid-back flow and Rick with his energetic, upbeat style. Check out the new project from producer mogul Icytwat below:

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