Gnairda has become a well known designer amongst the underground’s best. Not only is he one of the most consistent, but his work has transcended others in a short period of time. His standout pieces like Lil Xelly’s Xelly World, BigBabyGucci’s Gucci Playground, and several personal releases are all perfect showcases of his genius. We reached out to Gnairda to get more info on his career thus far and where it might be headed.

I’m 18. I was born in Mexico City and lived there for a while before I came to Fulton. Been around Atlanta ever since.

How did you get into design?

I’ve always been into art and liked drawing and shit, so I kinda always had a thing for design and music to some extent, but then I got into some shit my junior year of high school and I was spending a lot of time alone in my room afterward. That’s where I really started to learn some real shit about design and find some love for it.

How did you get your name?

Lol I was just making a twitter for the first time and all the decent user names for Adrian Garcia were taken so I just made it adrianG and reversed it.

Who are some your biggest influences?

Early on when I first started off I’d probably say Father Nico, Mal and Math were some of my biggest influences, but less because of the art and more because of their accomplishments, work ethics and progression. Im not sure that I really drew much inspiration from people artistically because I’ve always tried my best to stay true to myself.

However some artists have definitely pushed me to want to progress and I really admire stories and art from people like HoodXGhandi, Bryant Giles, Jean Michael and just a long variety really. Art and music in general are my muse, I wouldn’t say I take in others art. Perhaps use them as motivation to help myself because I have a hard time finding it myself. Jrrdan is another one too, I love his artwork and watching him progress for sure.



Where do you find inspiration and ideas? 

Really anything at all. Just cool pictures or color combos spark something in my head. Im not even sure sometimes. Sometimes I have a preconceived idea that I could use and other times I start something not knowing where I’m going and it just kinda comes to. I like to look at the @Archillect page sometimes and scroll through their photos and designs.

Do you turn to the Archillect page when you feel discouraged about your work? 

Nah i wouldn’t say that. It’s just sometimes the pictures and colors help further my ideas or spark something in my head. I struggle a lot with finding motivation do my work and getting frustrated when I don’t like it but that all comes and goes naturally.

Which one of your pieces is your favorite?

Damn I’m not even sure. Usually I’ll make something that I love for a bit and then after that I don’t even like it anymore. I don’t love anything that I’ve made so far and I feel like I’m still trying to move toward making things I really love. However if I HAD to choose I’d probably say Xelly World is one of my favorites.



Is there anything you want to do as a side of doing art?

I’ve produced a little bit but I’m not amazing at it yet, really fun though. I like doing lots of things so I’ll probably keep tryna produce as well as try new things out.

What was the most memorable moment for you last year?

Shit I don’t even know I didn’t do shit at all really. I can’t remember last year lmao, but I just graduated so I’m hoping I can start doing some cool shit.

What’s next for you? What can we expect?

I’m working on so many different things and since I’m free from all that school shit now imma go crazy…clothes, more design, more production, more artists I’m working with, some sculpture….lots of shit. I’m working on too many things at once to be honest but it’s gonna be wild. I can’t wait for this shit.


What advice would you give to someone just starting out in design?

 Be different is all really.

Anything else you want to let our readers know? 

Nah just wait on me, big things coming.

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