About a year ago, I found Lil Dude back when No Hiding only had a few thousand views and he had just dropped one of the best mixtapes of 2017, “Trapnanana.” The tape was in heavy rotation for me all summer and as soon as I heard it, I knew he was gonna be big. Flashback to 2018, Lil Dude has been killing it with numerous fire tapes like his joint project with Goonew, “Homicide Boyz,” and “Martin Luther Luciano.

Today, Lil Dude drops off a surprise EP “Me,” featuring production from Cheecho, Dolan Beats and Chop House. The first track off this tape, “Spirits” features Lil Dude at his best delivering nothing but fire bars over a dark instrumental by his go-to producer Cheecho. On the next track, “No Smoke” Dude calls on Dolan for a hard beat featuring a guitar melody lingering in the background behind some hard 808s and colorful synths. Lil Dude makes an effortless hit with Dolan on the track with his catchy flows and his killer vocal cadences, this track is personally my favorite from the whole project. On “Ms. Daisy” Dude sticks to what he does best on here, coming through with a fire hook and hard verses over a simple, mellow beat (courtesy of Chophouse) that’s perfect for Dude’s style. The closer track, “Reup” is short and sweet as it has a exceptional beat by Dolan that features a speedy piano melody and Lil Dude’s rapid-fire flow. Dude sticks to his strengths on the 4 track EP and is a good effort from Lil Dude. Check it out below:

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