Nolanberollin has been working on Superbeanman for about a year now, announcing it shortly after the release of his EP last june “glocks in the summer 2.” He later released a short tape filled with unfinished/one minute songs “beanworld” and then went ghost to finish up the album. Today we finally get to hear the highly anticipated project and it was without a doubt worth the wait.

Superbeanman is Nolan’s most refined work yet, with his production and rapping skills being phenomenal on the tape, showing his progression over the years as a artist. The tape is a little over 22 minutes, and lasts 12 tracks. Every track on the project is some of Nolan’s best, with standout hit songs like “The Last Honda Song,” “Subaru” and “No Aim.” Nolan comes through with some beautiful beats on this thing, delivering majestic instrumentals like on “Waves” and “Camber.” The only feature on the tape is Boofboiicy and he kills it, delivering a hard hook over a dark instrumental that complements Boofboi’s raw flow while Nolan comes in with a hard verse. You could tell Nolan really took his time with this project, from the production, to his verses and the mixes on this, everything’s fantastic. Nolan’s come a long way in the past few years and he’s only gonna get better from here. Check his latest project out below:

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