Summrs is one of the most hard working artists out in the underground right now, as only 6 months into the year, Summrs has already released 5 projects, including a DJ Phatt exclusive project, a 3 song ep, and two full length tapes. All of them are fire all the way through and have some of my favorite songs released this year, like “Packrunner Bitch” and “Gangbang! Today, he adds onto his already impressive track run this year with “bellworld 2.”

The tape is 20 tracks long and throughout, summr’s shows off his incredible vocals and versatility, especially on tracks like “need you,” “is U Skr8” and “opiates.”  Summrs calls on producers like Xangang, Sadbalmain, Callari, Lukrative, Gin$eng Kankan, Cashbently and etc. to help him deliver some beautiful tracks that’ll be in my rotation for a minute (Flee!, Jiu Jitsu, Bellas Interlude, Od, Fucking Geeked!). The production on here is amazing, on every track the instrumental is perfect and goes well with Summr’s unique style and voice. Summrs is by far one of the most talented acts in the underground right now and with his consistent work efforts and the constant rate he releases fire music, he’ll be up in no time. Check out his latest tape below:

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