Loudpack Kap is a name that you’ve surely heard circulating a lot more recently, and rightfully so. The south Floridian hitmaker glides over some Captain Crunch presented production for the making of his latest single, Sleep. The track is carried by Kap’s tuneful cadence as well as some colorful and controversial punch lines such as the soon-to-be reputable line, F*CK A LIL PUMP / I BOUGHT A BIG PUMP. The song’s overlying message, though, is the amount of people who aren’t yet acquainted with the authenticity of his music — as well, “I’m in my own lane / I’m in my own league”, shows that he plans on changing that very soon.

In addition to the single, Kap also released a captivating new visual for My Time Skit via Internet Hippy’s YouTube channel. The intro exclaims: “Too many lives have been lost. This video is strictly for story telling purposes.” One minute and five seconds in length, Kap invites fans and listeners into an unfiltered depiction of his world. The audio features production from Keenanza who provides an acoustic output that sways perfectly with the spine-chillingly realistic visual direction from Rogbe Josey.

Ironically, as soon as I almost hit publish — Loudpack Kap strikes again! Another new single entitled, TerrorTown. Keeping up the same energy as it’s predecessors, Kap recites his, once again, charismatic bars over Red N Dread production.

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