After hearing Cheesecake, I’ve been eagerly waiting to hear more new music from Molly and today, he finally releases his hyped up EP “Emerald City.” The project is filled with cloudy, majestic instrumentals that support Molly’s soothing vocals perfectly and help him paint colorful images with his words as he floats over the immense production. Every track on here is crazy, especially How 2 Open, MOLLYMAKETHEWORLDGOROUND and the Intro the track.

Molly’s flow and delivery is perfect throughout the whole EP, and shows his versatility as an artist, as he can switch from making a smooth, chill track like the Intro to a banger like Face Cuts. Fauni snaps on Come Right Bac, delivering a catchy hook and a fire verse that leaves room for Molly to follow up and answer back. Emerald City is a great first project for him, and is a stepping stone to what will be a bright future. Stream the EP below:

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