In a rare showcase Lil Xelly has released two videos, a single, and a project all in one 24 hours time. The first drop was a Moshpit directed visual to A-Town Stomp, in which Xelly is placed in a carefully crafted virtual world, as if built with the powerful imagery in his lyrics. But just when we thought there would be a break in action after watching him cruise in a black Aventador, he switched gears on us and released another visual to assist x100, this time directed by long time collaborator Son God. Here Xelly is placed deep in the woods somewhere and shrouded in a red cover, tossing bars at us and eliminating the undead from his presence. And finally, just moments ago, the Rockville native and soon to be legend unveiled a new project ShyneTyme. Totaling 6 tracks and backed with production from Soldado, Eddie Gianni, Misogi, Hella Sketchy, and Shiro, Xelly adds an amazing final touch to what will surely go down as one of the greatest nights in the underground. But enough talking about it, check out the new videos and project below and let us know what you think in the comments.



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