After a long wait and a few delays, Shark Fin Soup is finally here. It’s no wonder Lerado took so long on Shark Fin Soup as it holds some of Lerado’s best songs and shows how far he’s come as an artist.

The production list on the project is stacked, with Lerado getting people from the likes of Deaf, Moistbread, Nolanberollin, Sadbalmain, Gunlock and Bobby Johnson. Shark Fin Soup is a masterpiece, Lerado combines all his different styles into the project, having a perfect blend of his more slow, subtle songs like 17, Lost, LMK and his bangers like Bark, Mayhem, Peace with all of them being just as good as the last. My favorite track on here is definitely I Tried, the production by Nolan is phenomenal and fits Lerado perfectly as he floats over the beat effortlessly. Shark Fin Soup is everything I wanted it to be and I’ll definitely will be listening to it for months to come. Check it out below:

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