This summer is gonna be a memorable one for me just due to all of heat Xelly has been dropping off. Within the past month alone, he’s released nearly 10 projects that are filled with countless bangers. Today, he adds to that list with a new EP “Yes Xrr.”

 At this point I don’t even think Xelly is human. He drops off another tape within the span of 6 hours from his last EP host by Randy. I thought Xelly couldn’t get any better but this tape is miles ahead of his past projects, with the production being on a whole nother level. Xelly grabs production from the likes of Sparkheem, SpizzAR and Merkemmody. All of them deliver insane beats that Xelly floats over, hitting an assortment of fire flows.  With Xelly’s crazy flows and the immense production, #YesXrr is a tape you don’t want to miss out from Xelly. Check out the latest release from the hardest working artist in the underground below:


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