Tommy Ice and Kevin Kazi have been working together constantly for most of the year, releasing a few collab singles here and there over the past few months, but little did we know that they had been working on a collab EP “TommyKazi.” The two combine their efforts for a nearly flawless 8 track tape, featuring appearances from 909memphis, vision4k and 2kthagoon. Tommy produces two of the tracks (one with help from Blacky Tom & Madara) on here, with the rest featuring production from the likes of Jakkyboi, DJYoungKash, Nick Mira, and Lil Mochila.

       It’s hard to pick a certain favorite out of the 8 tracks, on every track Tommy puts his all into them, with support from Kevin as he delivers beautiful melodies on tracks like iced out wizard, riches, and crush. Tommy and Kevin both bring their A-game on the tape, with all of them delivering insanely catchy hooks on every song and having equally great verses, along with some fire, carefully picked features that compliment their sounds well. “TommyKazi” has some of the best songs you’ll hear all year, so don’t miss out and check it out below:


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