Bag Ty is ‘Destined 4 Greatness’

Ten minutes and five tracks in length; one of the most prominent upcoming artists to date — Bag Ty, gives fans a taste of his modest narrative. Hosted by another powerful underground entity, DJ PHAT, ‘Destined 4 Greatness’ is a pillar of vocal malleability and sonic excellence. This body of work opted for a new-aged wave of trap featuring production from TayMasterChef, B1ack, Mack Got The Heat, Preme44, and DayzoDZN plus vocals from Tyrone Fisher. Ty has made note on social media that he hopes for this project to chart on iTunes. Take part in his movement by streaming ‘Destined 4 Greatness‘ on Apple Music or purchasing in the iTunes Store!

You can also stream on Spotify, or DJ PHAT Radio.


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