The underground has been pretty chaotic in recents months, from petty beefs, the unexpected passing of Lil Peep and X, and an ever-growing divide between generations of artists launched their careers on Soundcloud. But while everyone feeds into the feuds and arguments on Twitter about who did what first, few are looking for the next wave of artists who are hungrily working for their own recognition, and everyone is signing Soundcloud off as a dying service.

Can we restore the underground to what it once was, when artists like Carti would shoot into the spotlight with everyone’s support? The answer is yes. Lil Xelly should be proof enough that Soundcloud can be just as supportive as it was then. There are also countless other artists that deserve more recognition than they are currently getting. We’re just stingy with who we give it to, if we give anything at all.

When news of Soundcloud shutting down spread last year, everyone was quick to jump ship and head to Spotify and Apple Music, and that alone showed just how much we’re ready to abandon the platform all together. Yes there are way to many unknown artists going viral and jumping into big record deals, but they don’t reflect the underground. You and I know it. That doesn’t mean its dying out, its just a cycle that we have to go through. The solution right now is that we keep an eye out for good music, stay honest about it, and support as much as we always have.



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