Pollari and Larry League have given us some amazing collabs in the past, among “Field,” “Wave,” and Ball. 3 years ago they united for a flawless 3 track EP, titled “POLLÀRRY” EP that featured some underground classics like “Kobe My Wrist” and “Foreign.”

Today they release the sequel to it in “POLLÀRRY 2.” They follow the same format for the sequel, maintaining the 3 track run. All 3 tracks are great, as Llari and the Larries share a huge amount of chemistry anytime they connect for a track, fusing their creative flows and ideas together. They choose Slimesito for the only feature on the EP, adding him to the intro track “Forever.” Sito does justice to the splendid beat by Sensei, floating over the spacey, futuristic beat with his killer, rapid fire flow. Sensei kills the production on the first two, delivering fire and unique instrumentals that sound like they’re from the year 2030 and then Izak provides a nice, chill beat to end the EP. “Most” is a banger that all 4 of them trade bar for bar, transitioning well into the outro track, “Fuse” that finds the Larries and Llari creating beautiful melodies with their expert use of auto-tune. “POLLÀRRY 2” is a great representation of Llari & Larry League’s fun and experimental styles and shows how much they’ve grown musically in the past 3 years. Check out the second collab project from the historic acts below:

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