Thrillboy is by far the most interesting producer you’ll meet in the underground, and it’s reflected in his work. The young Australian’s progression earned him a spot in the infamous Surreal Gang collective, a growing group of talented producers that have worked with numerous notable artists like Lucki, K$upreme,, Yung Bans, UnoTheActivist and Thouxanbanfauni. They are far from done, and with adding Thrillboy to their roster it’s become clear that they have their eyes set on a global influence. We caught up with Thrillboy to ask him a few questions about his life and career.



Who is Thrillboy?

Thrillboy is an Australian porn loving and BBW loving producer.

How old are you and where are you from?

I’m 22 years old, from Sydney, Australia.

How did you get into making music? 

When I was 15 I was shown FL Studio but wasn’t interested at the time. Years later I saw a tutorial on YouTube on how to make beats and out of pure curiosity I watched it. 2 years later I’m now making beats and I can’t believe I’m actually doing it. I never thought I’d be able to. I can now say I truly found my passion.


What helped you stick to producing for all these years?

The progression. Every single beat I make I see myself getting better and better, learning new things and understanding music. It’s almost like your’e in competition with yourself and want to show yourself you can be even better and keep improving. That’s what’s kept me motivated all these years.

You’re in Surreal Gang. How did that happen and what has been like to be a part of that?

I talked and collated when Surreal Gang was in the early stages. I genuinely cared, use to see how he was doing and shoot labs through to him. As the months went on I got to know Kape, Alto, Sauce, and the rest of the gang organically, just from grinding and speaking to new up and coming producers. Xan and Robb [Surreal] eventually asked me to join the family and I instantly said yes. I see the gang as my family and I’ll always be so grateful to represent them. They’re foreal my bros and I can’t wait to meet them all one day. The cook up gonna be crazy!

How did you come up with the name Thrillboy?

Thrillboy was a name given to me by an ex girlfriend while I was doing my thing (if you get what I mean). I found it so funny that I ended up using it as my gamer tag when I played GTA. It just stuck with me ever since and perfectly describes who I am so I used it as my producer name.


Does your ex listen to your music?

My ego wants to be stoked and hear that she does, but in reality she probably doesn’t. Besides, I don’t think she’d understand the direction and vision of my sound lol.

How much has Australia or your hometown had an influence on you and your music?

Living in Australia has influenced me to go super hard and has inspired me to be the first from my country to make noise, and open doors for others to make noise from Australia.

Do you plan on moving away from Australia in the future?

It’s already in the works. I can’t say where I’m going yet cause jealous people be jyxing, but it’s happening very soon.


What advice would you give to someone that’s hesitant about pursuing producing?

Eliminate all dear within yourself, don’t be afraid to fail or make mistakes. Accept that it takes time to become eye. Remember that each day you earn and practice you get closer and closer to making good music. And last of all fuck what people have to say or think. Start producing because it’s what your heart desires.

Do you have anything else you want to let our readers now? 

Be on the lookout for new beats and tracks with artists on my Soundcloud.

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