Robb Bank$ is one of the most hardest working artists out there, locking himself in the studio for hours on end, barely getting any sleep to constantly working on new music for his fans. He has his highly anticipated album “Falconia” that’s supposed to have nearly 50 tracks, along with his tape with Wifisfuneral and “100YearWar Pt. 2” in the vault. After dropping off a 4 track EP “100YearWar Pt.1” solely produced by Cris Dinero, he releases the third installment in his series of tapes “Cloverfield.”

Robb enlists producers like Oogie Mane, Cris Dinero & Nuri to provide him with some crazy, wavy beats that he floats over with ease. Robb’s melodies on the 8 track tape are top notch, delivering some fantastic, majestic vocals on tracks like Reddy, Lost in the Sauce, Single, and Minute. Every song on here is just as good as the last, with Robb showing his insane arsenal of flows and different styles on here, going from making a banger in “Bedrock” to a slow, mellow tribute track to X in “Bad Vibes Forever.” Those 2 are defintely my favorite cuts from the tape right now, Bedrock is just too catchy and fun to listen to, with Robb just delivering fire lines left and right like it’s nothing. And on Bad Vibe’s Forever, Cris Dinero makes an amazing instrumental that honestly might be one of his best yet, coming through with a nice melody, fire hi-hats and 808s, along with a few beautiful guitar strings placed in the background. Cloverfield 3 is a great project from one of Florida’s best, so give it a listen below:


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