Familiarize Yourself With Lite Ozie And His New Single “When Im Sad”

There’s an interesting community of artists in the underground who tweak the pitch of their music, something you don’t often hear in the music industry. Some resort to this style under a second, sometimes even third, alias. Many have left it behind and turned a corner to take on a more mature role, but the community is still strong to this day. It’s beyond me to pinpoint the origin of the style, especially when artists like Lite Ozie are popping up to capitalize on it, combining their music with playful anime covers to attract a very real and growing audience.  Hopefully Ozie’s new single When I’m Sad is the introduction you need, and like Kevin Kazi‘s Hai is with me, will become nostalgia for you later down the road. Powered by beautiful production from CashCache, Ozie lays melodic bars in a smooth and groovy cadence that’ll keep you coming back after the songs initial release. His career has just begun, but he’s already drawing in an audience and could very well morph into a major artists in no time. Keep an eye out for his next release and check out the new single below.

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