At first I only knew about mixed matches cause of his production for other artists like Weiland and RIP Eternal but then I came across his solo work in the release of “absence.” Ever since then, I’ve been playing his music constantly, and have been looking forward to a new song/project from him.

Today, he answers my calls with a new 3 song EP “trinity_b” the followup to his “trinity_a” EP back in May. ric and mixed have been working on it for the past two months, and the time was well spent. The production is phenomenal throughout the project, and mixed matches vocals are as beautiful as ever, matching the lively beats well. All 3 of the songs are amazing, with my favorite of the project “hidenseek” being more of a uplifting song, pools being a cool, vibrant song and then on chlorophyll he switches it up and makes a slow, mellow that he harmonizes over quiet beautifully. “trinity_b” is a great project from ric and matches, and shows their production talents aswell as matches power sound as an artist. Check it out below:

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