lil tracy – 10 racks!

All of 2018 has been lil tracy’s year, releasing some of his best music and entering what looks like a new era from him. He’s been a veteran in the underground for years now, formerly going by a plethora of different names like Yung Bruh, Soulja Witch, Tracy Grey and multiple others, releasing some great songs and projects under them over the years.

With his “sinner” EP right around the corner, set to drop this month, he follows up his last release “chiropract” with a crazy gin$eng produced single “10 racks.” Quotables have become a thing that tracy’s known for, in every track he always comes through with some quirky, catchy punchlines in his usual mellow, melodic voice: “Me and Bill Clinton got the same doctor/Why you lying to yourself you not a boss/These niggas soft like some titties and they fake.”  Ginseng goes 80 on the beat too, matching tracy’s energy with a smooth instrumental that he just flows over effortlessly. “10 racks” is just another song to prove why Tracy is one of the best at what he does and why no one else can compete with him, check it out below:

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