The summer is coming to a close, but it was by far one of the most memorable for me. Before the fall and winter seasons bring the underground to life once again we decided to put together a list of ten of our favorite projects (In no particular order).

1. WIFIGAWD – “Heat Check”

Wifigawd is one of the underground’s more seasoned artists, a sort of uncrowned king whose reach is far beyond the streets of Washington D.C. He set the tone this summer with his Heat Check, his biggest title yet. If you want more lavish lifestyle raps, cars, clothes and money, the project has it all with tracks like Everyday, I Need It, and Bags.

2. RewindRaps & Oscar100 – “Rewind100 3”

The duo have since released six projects together, but Rewind100 3 is to me the most solid tape from them front to back. Oscar100 made sure to push the envelope as far his production, with melody-only tracks like Give Her Life Back and soft and pleasant tracks Lie To Kick It, which is to this day one of the best songs I’ve heard from them.

3. Lerado – “Shark Fin Soup”

Lerado’s first major tape was a large success, and he’s since nestled into his position on the underground’s watch list. In time the tape will ripen and be appraised for giving us amazing tracks like Mayhem and Lost.

4. Skip Gocar – “Kant Kash Kart”

Gocar is free and wasting no time to get back on equal footing. For a good week or two following his release he had all eyes on his Kant Kash Kart project, an impressive four song EP with all the trimmings of a bigger album. Though small it’s undoubtedly a good sign for his future.

5. Kevin Kazi & Tommy Ice – “TommyKazi”

As I’ve said not long after they released it, the underground needs more joint projects, and TommyKazi is a move in the right direction. Backed with incredible production, the two managed to put together seven solid tracks, and were able to pull of what could be there breakout single Never Thought. Only time will tell, but for now it’s a major show of force and enough to garner the attention they deserve.

6. 2GramCam – TrapTopia

2GramCam is a creeping to the forefront of the scene, making a name for himself and away from the rise of close friend ATL Smook. If you could bring the trap with you on vacation, TrapTopia would be theme music for the trip. A careful combination of tropical production and street induced wordplay, it’s a rare find in today’s underground.

7. Stacy Money – “Ratchet Romance”

It isn’t a good summer without a good anthem, and Stacey Money gave us plenty to choose from in his Ratchet Romance tape. He really captured the summer mood in everything from lyrics to the chosen production, and while a lot of artists have moved to shorter projects he scrapped together 12 solid songs. He’s since released an EP but Ratchet Romance is still fresh on our minds.

8. Lil Xelly – “Yes Xrr”

Lil Xelly ruled the summer, releasing at least one or two projects a week throughout the months but one that caught my attention the most was Yes Xrr. Ever since it’s dropped I’ve gone back to it at the very least a few times a week if not every day. The production on here was phenomenal and was if not some of the best beats he’s rapped over. The project has everything you want from Xelly, with his delivery and flows being on point throughout the EP as he hops on every beat with a hard, aggressive style as he throws bars left and right at you.   – Tupacarti

9. Nolanberollin – “Superbeanman”

My summer break started off great, specifically cause of the release of Nolan’s Superbeanman. He had hyped it up for sometime now and it was definitely worth the wait. Nolan’s production is undeniable and is one of his strong suits throughout the entire project. He came through with some of the best production you’ll hear all year, with amazing beats like the ones on DEEPWEB, IM SAD and LIMBO. His rapping is at it’s best throughout the whole tape especially on MIGO 2, THE LAST HONDA SONG and NO AIM. From start to finish it’s a great project and is one of the better releases of the summer.


10. Duwap Kaine – Underdog

Duwap has solidified his position as one of the hottest artists to emerge from the underground, amassing a huge fanbase at a young age and capturing the attention of other big name artists. Underdog is his greatest achievement yet, marking a new chapter his career and showing how much he has matured in such a short time.

Honorable Mentions:

R.I.P Eternal – Rust

Anklegod – Ankaveli Vol. 1

Flee & Cash Cobain – FleeCobain


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