After releasing his recent album “runt” in July, RIP Eternal has continued to flood fans with even more music, releasing numerous singles almost every week since then and today, he blesses us with another one in “One Last Dance.” Earlier this week he had teased the track on his instagram with a short video clip that had garnered a bunch of praise in the comments among fans and his peers. The track is just as great as the snippet sounded, with RIP coming up with an amazing instrumental that has some fire synths laid in the background and a fire melody throughout the track, showing his impressive production talents. RIP flows over the beat with ease, coming up with a beautiful hook in his special melodic voice along with an equally smooth verse. RIP’s voice is incredibly unique and special, and is one of his strong suits as an artist, whether he decides to rap or sing melodically, his voice inflections are one of a kind. “one last dance” is another great track from RIP that shows his endless amount of potential as an artist and I’m sure he’ll be able to do great things in the future. Check out the song and video edited by him below:

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