Continuing his frequent schedule of constant releases, David Shawty drops off a new ep “pink eternity.” It spans 5 tracks in its short 9 minute run time and all the tracks on the EP are phenomenal. David’s ability to make a instant hit is amazing, from his immensely unique melodies to his refreshing delivery reminiscent of old punk banks, he’s got it all. Tracks like october, candy, slug and xhatt3rd are exactly why I listen to David. The hooks on these are some of my favorites that I’ve yet to hear from David, and the verses are just as strong throughout the entire project. mixed matches helps him out on “lovespell” and he does amazing, supporting David with some beautiful, eerie vocals that are ghostly but pleasant to the ears. shiro, fadedblackid and leesta all support David with some insane production that is instrumental to his extraordinary sound. On every new project he drops it seems like he just keeps on one upping himself in every way imaginable, hitting all the key notes of his sound and always doing it 10x better than his last effort. Check it out below:

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