Nolanberollin resurfaces to drop a single “i give up” to hold off fans until his highly anticipated project “ultrabeanman” releases. It’s a nice 2 minute track that features him cruising through a beautiful instrumental that has a bit of a futuristic, eerie feel to it. The song is filled with lines of him contemplating quitting music for good, and I seriously hope he doesn’t and is just joking. Nolan has remained my favorite rapper in the underground throughout the past 3 years of my life, his insane production has always caught my attention and his one of a kind monotone delivery, along with his clever wordplay on every track is simply unmatched among his contemporaries. If Nolan quits it’ll be a huge loss for music and I doubt we’ll ever see anyone like Nolan appear ever again. With that being said, “i give up” is a great track as usual from him, showing his amazing production talents and special ability to make a fire song in seemingly quick fashion. Check it out below:

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