16yrold and Lucki have both been relatively quiet lately, last we heard from 16 was back in May when he linked up with Yung Bans & Tracy for “Lately” and from Lucki the most we’ve gotten is a few official song releases and a short 5 song EP. With 16 hinting at an EP and Lucki nearing the completion of Freewave 3, they gift us “@night” a song that has been stuck in the vault for sometime now, but has been hyped up ever since Lucki played it on a IG Live of his earlier this year. The song sounds perfect, with Lucki’s voice being as clean and subtle has ever, while he delivers some fire, clever punchlines along the way: “I sip hi-tech like a vampire/bloody red, triple cup I smell fire/we can do what we want like a cartoon/yall can’t get as high as me but I’m not yall.” Lucki’s flow is unmatched in music right now, he just effortlessly goes along with the beat, speaking his truth to the listener in such a way that’s both emotional and uncut, helping so many people by just smoothly speaking about his life experiences. He’s the best at what he does and “@night” is another example of that, as he just cruises over the eerie, dark production by 16 for a solid 3 minutes which is pretty rare for Lucki. Check it out below on 16yrold’s soundcloud:

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