RewindRaps & Oscar100 Let Go Of “Rewind100 12”

RewindRaps and Oscar100 haven’t let up at all this year, doing what is seemingly impossible with their running series Rewind100. Tonight the unstoppable duo are determined to keep us up late into the night with their twelfth installment Rewind100 12. It’s only three tracks, but just like their other projects it holds replay value just as much as a larger tape would. As always, Rewind’s bright and positive words stand out over Oscar’s rich melodies, and as the two move in unison you’ll find yourself nodding along. At the surface it may seem as though the two are simply sticking to their playbook, but long time listeners will be blown away by how much they have improved their chemistry. While other artist and producer combinations typically wither away after a period of time, Rewind and Oscar are pushing for longevity. It’ll be interesting to see just what they can accomplish in the future. Check out the new project for yourself below.

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