A few weeks ago while I was surfing through soundcloud, I came across Malcomism. One of the first songs I heard from him was “on the map” with Surf and was immediately struck by the insane chemistry the two had, with both of them floating over the lukrative produced beat with elegance, delivering some beautiful melodies and hitting a bunch of different creative flows throughout the course of the 3 minute banger. I had played the track almost endlessly for the better part of September and as the ninth month has come to a close, Malcom released a surprise single “exhaustion” featuring one of my favorite upcoming artists, Anklegod.

Once again you find malcomism starting the track off beautifully, selecting a smooth beat produced by lukrative and luv niko to flow over. He kills it, coming up with an insanely catchy hook that’s led by an amazing verse that seems almost effortless for malcom at this point. Anklegod follows suit, coming on the track aggressive and hitting a bunch of fire flows and melodies that showcase his impressive vocal range and skill. The two go perfect together, and after hearing “exhaustion” I hope they decide to link up again sometime in the future. Check it out below:

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