I remember first coming across Roland when he first made a thread on his new video “rock the boat” on kanyetothe and the first thing I was immediately taken back by was his insane creativity and charisma. Everything about the video and song was perfect, from the mesmerizing production that supported his subtle, soothing voice to the amazing, unique visuals that he even edited himself. Ever since then he’s improved quite a bit, getting better and more creative in every new release. Last night he unleashed a crazy new single with “elixir.” His production as always is incredible, as he comes up with a smooth beat that’s filled with some wavy synths that back his laid-back delivery well. Roland’s hook ability as always is perfect as ever, making an ear-grabbing hook and a few fire verses to follow it up. “Elixir” is another great showing from Roland and has me hyped for what he’s got next for us. Check it out below:

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