Lil Tracy – Designer Talk

Lil Tracy has been putting out hits after hits, but today he dropped a surprise EP titled “Designer Talk.” While this EP includes 3 of his latest singles, he shows his skills as one of the leaders of the underground scene with two new songs titled “1MILLION DEGREES” and “god knows.

This EP is a step forward for Tracy. This is his first project since sobering up, and a preview for his next EP which is set to come out on October 15th entitled “Sinner.” The production is one that shows great variety in style from the likes of ginseng, marvy ayy, Richie Souf, and Tadeo Hill. All of which help carries the great melodies and memorable lyrics which Tracy is known for.

We are more than excited to see what is coming from Lil Tracy is the future and he is sure to reach a Superstar level in the next coming months.


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