Sheck Wes – Mudboy

Watching Sheck Wes blow up in the past year and a half has been amazing to watch, he’s gone from being a young aspiring rapper from Harlem to the most talked about guy in music who signed to Kanye West & Travis Scott and skyrocketing up the Billboard charts with his hit track “Mo Bamba” all in the blink of an eye. He did all without a single project to his name yet and just a few official singles, a couple lost tracks scattered within the depths of soundcloud. Since his first look from Kanye and Travis, he’s been locked in the studio with his go-to producers yunglunchbox, 16yrold, and redda along with some new familiar names like Wondagurl, Cardo, Digital Nas, Ice, Joshua McCarthy, and TakeADaytrip to help craft his story in “Mudboy.”

Most people would’ve gotten a bunch of high-profile features and strayed away from the producers they came up with, but not Sheck. He stays true to his roots all throughout the 49 minute runtime, by not only just making the typical energetic, hype singles that he’s become known for, but instead switches it up and gives us the more somber, subtle side of him. He puts a good amount of these smooth, soothing tracks like WESPN, Deanimals, Never Lost, Vetements Socks showing his strong command on his craft and his incredible versatility that’s paired with his insane producers. Yunglunchbox takes on a major role on the project, with him doing 6 songs out of the 14. He comes up with some of the finest production I’ve heard all year, crafting these fire, unique beats with some crazy, popping synths that are just perfect for Sheck, especially on “Jiggyonthes***s” and “Gmail.”

Sheck Wes picks out some of the best production you”ll hear all year on “Mudboy” and his flows are on point the whole project, with him even switching his language to Senegalese in the middle of one track while still floating effortlessly and switching back with ease. The wait for “Mudboy” was worth it, and is a great stepping stone for Sheck as a artist, and from here, he’s only gonna progress.

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