It’s been a long year for Samron Agnew with him having a few legal troubles and some personal issues to resolve throughout the past 9 months but he’s stayed determined throughout it all, constantly working on and supplying new music for for his fans. He’s been killing it all year long, dropping off some great singles over the past 9 months like Bad Gal and Rewind along with a short 4 track EP Lullaby” to keep fans fed, while he works on his upcoming tape. After the release of his last track October in tribute to his girlfriend, he drops off his second song this week in Whats the WordFades takes on the production as usual, crafting a hard beat that has a smooth, chill melody that Samron snaps on, delivering nonstop bars for nearly 3 minutes. His flow is perfect on here, with him just swiftly coming up with fire bars, floating over the groovy beat by Fades with ease. Whats The Word is a gritty, aggressive track from Samron and proves why he’s one of the best rappers in the underground right now. Check it out below:

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