Lastclass. – School Days

As time has gone on, many people view the soundcloud scene as dead but it’s very much alive and prospering, with it being home to so many great new talented artists such as lastclass. Ever since his triumphant return to music this year he’s been on a roll dropping off a bunch of beautiful, heart-wrenching singles all while working on an album titled School Days.

There’s 5 tracks out of the 9 that he already released that made it on here that I was sorta underwhelmed about at first but their some of his best, notably adding When I Get Off after deleting it from his soundcloud a while back. Just as the singles led me to believe this project is phenomenal from start to finish. His vocal delivery and range is absolutely insane and has improved heaps, with him singing so elegantly on tracks like You Were Made For Me and Losers. Lastclass’s sound is extremely refreshing with him at times mixing his rapping talents together with his beautiful voice making some crazy tracks like When It Rains and Paper Planes. His ear for beats is perfect as well, with him grabbing some fantastic production from the likes of mantrablu, mattdeguia, luvbird, galunu, milkoi, tidecruz, and Simon Ton that feature some amazing, subtle instrumentals that align perfectly with lastclass’s one of a kind voice. From start to finish School Days is a must listen from one of the most innovative artists that the underground has to offer and will make you an instant fan of the upcoming star. Check it out below:

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