Uglyfriend – Disassociation Song 2

    Uglyfriend has cemented himself as one of the best and most innovative producers in recent times to me as over the past few years that I’ve known him he’s experimented with a variety of different sounds, develop his own, original sound that is pretty much unprecedented in the underground. He’s been a key hand in a bunch of hits, producing some of the best tracks for the likes of Warhol, Pollari, Lucki and lilcandypaint most recently.

After last appearing to drop off Disassociation Song he returns with an amazing sequel to his last effort. The track finds uglyfriend coming up with this eerie yet serene melody that sounds like it could be in the soundtrack of a old haunting horror flick, but at the same time feels like a calming instrumental that features a beautiful, lush vocal sample laid throughout the track. The wonderful beat spans for over 5 minutes, and as always is an insane showing from uglyfriend, as Disassociation Song 2 showcases his impressive creativity and masterful production talents. I really hope he continues to drop tracks like these, and continues this already amazing song series in the future cause both of them are some of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard all year. Check it out below:

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