Anklegod has been working relentlessly on his craft, showing more glimpses of his talent on every new release, especially on the vocal side of things, gaining a strong control of his powerful voice as the time goes by. Recently, the young star from Vancouver delivered a electric, exciting single in “Close my Eyes.” He selects Datboigetro for the production and he comes up with a sick beat that has a smooth piano melody backed by some heavy 808s that complement Anklegod perfectly. He’s perfect for this beat, as he floats effortlessly over the dreamy production by getro, delivering a fantastic hook and a verse filled of heart and emotion. The melodies that he delivers on here are amazing as well, with him showing off his insane vocal ability throughout the 4 minute banger. Anklegod has a lot more in store for fans, announcing that “ANKAVELI Vol. 2” is already in the works and if it’s anything like “close my eyes” we’re in for another great project from the rising talent. Check it out below:


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