EyeKeem’s “Star Gazing” Is Well Worth The Listen

EyeKeem has been popping up everywhere lately, and after his name has floated around the underground this summer he’s now here with a new project Star Gazing. From the start you can see how much effort was put behind it, because with production from the likes of Charlie Shuffler, Oscar100, Gin$eng, Josh Petruccio, Ryan Bevolo, Lil Heartbreak, KillNick, Phil2k, and SexySnake, EyeKeem is set up with everything he needs to deliver a classic. He switches from leaving us with addicting love ballads while racing across beautiful melodies in tracks like Mine, to bass heavy tracks like Relaxed, where he flexes his newly found success among other things. The featureless six track tape is more than enough to keep you satisfied for weeks until he drops anything else. Check it out below for  yourself and let me know what you think.

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