Kevin Kazi and Tommy Ice Prove That Their Some Of The Underground’s Finest With “Tommy Kazi 2”

Only moments after they released a video for “im on one,” Kevin Kazi and Tommy Ice come together for another fantastic collaborative project with “tommy kazi 2.” The first one was already great and showed tons of potential from the two young stars but they improve heaps from their previous effort on here. The production is solid as always, with yungcastor, ghostrage, jakkyboi, snoozed, charlie shuffler and lil mochila cultivating the sounds for the project. They lay out some elegant instrumentals for Tommy and Kevin that are filled with lush guitar strings and earth-shattering 808s that suit the duo’s charismatic styles well. Kevin goes 30 on the whole project, delivering some insane hooks throughout the whole project, coming up with fun, catchy melodies on every single song. Tommy does an outstanding job on here as well, snapping on every song as he delivers some fire verses with ease, flowing on the serene production like it’s nothing. We’ve seen many artists drop hyped up collab projects that usually fall flat to the set expectations but unlike their contemporaries, they live up to the hype, finding the perfect sound for themselves that seems to be unbeatable at this point. “Tommy Kazi 2” is the dream tape that you would want from the dynamic duo, and is a major step up from the already incredible previous installment. Check it out below:

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