Lil Xelly Is Back With “YesXrr 3”

Keeping his streak, Lil Xelly returns with his third installment to his series “YesXrr”. The series will be known for its high end production from Sparkleem and Spizzledoe. Their dark and menacing melodies are always lined up perfectly with powerful bass. Xelly has been able to find solace there, because he usually leads the production with his quick and offset flow. But Sparkheem and Spizzledoe have the blueprints he needs to really evolve and prove that he’s ready for the next level, whether that means inking a deal or becoming a contender as an independent artist. Regardless, Xelly already has a formula that works for him, and with every release he only adds and adjusts. Dont expect for him to slow down at all anytime soon. Check out the new project below.

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